Continuation of Experiment 2

I think that it was flat in the previous experiment and was not transmitted much

In order to manage that point this time, I made it easy to change the angle of the camera



This is the picture that I gave in the second experiment.
Because the angle is up, it is only an experiment that I am actually trying to illustrate the overview page

Speaking of the parabolic solid version, I think that it is still a rugby ball

I learned later that such a solid is called "ellipsoid"
Rugby ball is a special thing called "spheroid"

But ... I think that it will actually work if it is a rugby ball to see the image.
This device is what I saw at the Tokyo University of Science's Mathematics Experience Museum

↑ If this is something, if it is an elliptical shaped object Whatever you put the ball from where you hit the ball
Once you splash it will definitely come to focus
It is a trick called ' I thought that the answer is sleeping her

I use a rugby ball toy The strategy is to cover this with paper covering it, peel it off and use "laser pointer"
It is a thing called bouncing back
With the laser pointer, unlike the laser marker the trajectory can not be seen So you can only use muddy water to see it
However, when you use water, the paper becomes an Odd So, let's cover the "aluminum foil" in the kitchen

For your reference...

Even if you do it like this with paper
After all it breaks like this
Continue cutting and sticking
Make something close to ellipsoid

Cutting or pasting ......

It is simple, but it was done
I will make eight more pieces this way
If you stick the aluminum foil this way, I think that you can do it

However, it does not fit easily so easily I feel like I am in a volcano because of camera shake
If it is an image by all means it will be like this
Even if it looks real, by the wrinkles of aluminum
A lot of light will diffuse
It became a problem before checking with water added

Because there is no choice ......

It is also the appearance of a mirror
I did not want to use it much, but I use a mirror
I used a laser pointer
I will draw water to figure out what kind of locus it is

For reference, that second ... ....

Is it weak for red light? Rays go to the tip of the mirror
The photos will be reddish
Regarding that there is absolutely the cause of my hand shake
I would like to firmly fix it
However I can only issue pointers manually
Fix the camera

I tried trying to draw water ......

It seems that it passed perfectly

Because it is a net, in a strategy I thought water would definitely go down I rolled a towel, but As it is a cloth, it looks like it has penetrated

Since there is no choice, draw a trajectory in paint to make it easy to understand the picture taken

If the original movie is originally published

However, it is quite irksome to experiment.
I do not understand what is the focus
As a result, this movie and this experiment method became submissive

Instead we made the following equipment when doing the experiment

I did not explain, so I made a diagram that this is what I want to do ↓

The red dot in the center is "focus"
Finally, the focus became visible now
Because the vessel is made with grass, the light penetrates it
Originally, it is in the center

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