Continuation of experiment one part

In the previous experiment, I learned that "the size of the graph is small for the size of the mirror".

For this time, I enlarged the graph and made the mirror smaller to manage that point.


Start of Experiment 2

This is the picture that I gave in the experiment. By doing this, I'll try to explore the experiment even a bit.

What does this represent ...?

Eraser is a landmark. Is not this an eraser located where the focus is on? I put it from speculation.

Inside image of head

When the eraser reflected the light through the mirror, I thought that it would be as shown on the left ... ....

From the conclusion, I mistook the order of the experiment.
Originally "Look for the intersection (focal point) where the mirror reflects the parallel moving light and intersects there"
I should have experimented with that before.

Images viewed from the front

With this angle, there is only an image of the eraser in the mirror just in front of the eraser

Summary of Experiment 1: Since the way of experimenting is bad, I did not know where the focus is, or whether the focus exists in the first place

Because there is no way, I borrowed a tool that can emit light in a straight line.
It is a laser marker

I decided to find the focal point by reflection of the mirror because of the nature of shining the light of the laser marker in a straight line.

Wow, it is cool

I will put out the laser from the right side.

It is a bit hard to understand, but it looks like this.

If it does not go well ...

Even if you emit light like this, it will not parallel well if you fail.

I think that I do not become parallel because probably pressing buttons by hand.

If it goes well ...

Unlike above it will be fine parallel.

That is...

Thinking things

I have not been able to prove quite well in this experiment
So I would like to prove with experiment 3

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